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Say Cheese Machine

Introducing the first patent pending photobooth / portrait system available on the market. Two photo machines in one.

- Portrait machine (as shown with the taller base). This set up ideal for the photographer that wants to open a whole new market. With the optional battery accessory kit you will be able to move around the event taking photos of your guests without any electric cords restricting your movement. Press the start button and watch the guest be thrilled when they receive their photo in a few seconds, or set up in front of a backdrop and plug the system in for a portrait /handshake & grin station.

- Photobooth machine-change to the lower base and add a curtain enclosure and you have the perfect sit down photobooth machine. All components are sold separately prices start at $3,995.00


Portable Photobooth

-This beautiful mahogany photobooth with brass and velvet accents is the talk of the town, not your ugly mall looking photobooth. The base of the photobooth is built to separate into two pieces and will fit into a mini van or the back of a SUV. This machine is the only kind on the market and is sure to beat the competition every time.

-Also included is a custom made web site ( this one ) modifed to fit your location.

-Assistance in setting up Google advertising campaign.

Price is $6000.00/used

Click here for photos of booth

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